gMobileMedia is a simple gtk application used to browse and handle a mobile phone filesystem, it can handle phones with more than one memory area (thanks to gammu).  This application is released under the GNU/GPL so you are freely able to change it, modify it and redistribute it as long as you keep your work under the same license.

A short description this application let's you easily upload and download images, ringtones, photos and applications to your mobile phone, all that you need is a data cable or any other connection method supported by gammu.

gMobileMedia LogoThis application has been targeted mainly for Nokia cell phones (I only have those to test), but theorically it can handle all the phones that gammu has support for.  This is also because I never could found an easy to use alternative in Linux for Nokia's PC Suite.

If you want to see it in action go check the screenshots.  If you want to test it, go to the sourceforge project page.

By now there quite a lot of work to be done, but is good enough to test its functionallity, the only thing it needs is a working gammu configuration.



This version now has a localized interface, at this time it has been translated to English, Spanish and Polish (thanks to Adrian Łubik).

The preferences window is now working accordingly.

Cleaned up the forgotten text in spanish.

2006-11-20  New webpage and improvements, release 0.1.2

This version contains a lot of improvements even though are not visible at first, it makes the application easier to use and more effective. 
Also with this version I have set up a webpage for the project, it's pretty simple but lets you check the basic info about what I have done and what I intend to do. 
Improved drag and drop, now it can handle multiple files at the same time 
Cleaned up the code to make it easier to debug 
Improved progress window and message box 
Added memory meter to status bar 
Added more debugging messages to check the progress 
Added more validations to the mime decoding 
Added preferences window 
Translate more code to use english as a standard development language 
Added the configuration path to the gladefile so that it can run fron any place 
Separated each window in a different class 
Minor bugfixes New debian package (tested on ubuntu 6.10 - edgy -)

2006-10-01 Version 0.1.1
  • Mostly bugfixes and some cosmetical enhancements. 
  • Added a progressbar to the different process so that you get to know what is happening while there is some background work. 
  • Refresh/Reload function, in case you need to check any change done directly on the phone.
2006-09-03 First release
  • This is the first release of gMobileMedia, is not a full working version, but it is enough to test how it works.
  • By this time it doesn't configure automatically gammu, so it asumes that you have configured correctly your .gammurc file.